All goods purchased from Gloria Cycling are protected by the manufacturer’s warranty which covers against defects in materials and workmanship.

Gloria limited to, poor maintenance, neglect, abuse, incorrect or inappropriate installation or alteration, use other than the product’s intended purpose, impact damage.

Corrosion and/or deterioration caused by material fatigue, defined as the natural breakdown of materials which occurs when subjected to repeated loading and unloading, will not be covered under warranty.

General wear and tear on consumable items such as tyres, inner tubes, tyre sealant, brake fluid, brake and gear cables, brake pads, light bulbs, bearings, chainrings, chains, cassettes, rims, batteries etc will not be covered under warranty.

Clothing items, are not covered under warranty for accidental damage, improper care, normal wear and tear, fading of colours and materials over time or with use, rips, tears, abrasion, holes, burns or shrinkage. Cosmetic issues do not affect the performance of a clothing item and are not to be considered a warranty fault.

Framesets purchased at Gloria are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Please note that this warranty may be void if the bicycle is not assembled by an authorised dealer or a qualified bicycle mechanic. In the event of a warranty claim, the manufacturer may request details of the shop or qualified bicycle mechanic responsible for completing the bike build and servicing.