The Enigma story began 13 years ago. From humble beginnings in a converted shed, we now occupy an 8000 sq. ft workshop. Founded on the principles of an unwavering devotion to the art of British craftsmanship, we engineer top-performing handcrafted bicycle frames and complete builds.

Enigma is a coupling of our twin passions for precision engineering and a love affair with cycling that dates back half a century. We are builders, crafters and innovators. Friends, family and colleagues. Dedicated to the craft, we encompass a team of creatively-minded individuals redefining what's possible with those durable imperial metals.

Here in our Sussex facilities, we produce the highest quality handcrafted frames. From titanium, to steel and stainless steel, all engineered for supreme performance. As well as a full bike building and fitting service, wheel building, refurbishing and frame repairs. With exciting new projects on the horizon, and a team dedicated to the craft, the future looks bright.

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History & Brand


It has never been about today. It’s about building together for the future. We haven’t forgotten where we’ve come from and it’s with the same attention to detail then as now, that we continue toward the future.

We’re committed to empowering the next generation with the skills of the craft. We know there’s no future if these traditional skills are forgotten, and it’s through our apprenticeship programme that we commit to training the aspiring young frame builders of tomorrow.

With a firm grounding in the principles, and the freedom to embrace their own creative spark, we are confident in continuing to deliver the handcrafted perfection our customers know and love. Built upon firm foundations, the Enigma team is one of trust and loyalty resulting in a team greater than the sum of its parts.

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For every season

For any ride style, shining on ultra endurance events and long days in the saddle. Be it gravel, club runs, or simply a spin around the park; the Etape will always deliver.

Starting at £2,299 for frameset

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