We are very pleased to announce that our first (but certainly not last) line of cycling clothing has arrived in our shop! For this range of performance wear, we have collaborated with the reputable Spanish brand Gobik, whose garments have been worn by many professional and amateur racing teams across the world and have on numerous occasions made their way to the podiums at elite-level races and Grand Tours, not to mention the very recent Tour De France win by youngster Tadej Pogačar, annihilating his competition whilst all the time donning Gobik kit made for the UAE Team Emirates he rides for.

Gobik is known for their quality of material, using fabrics certified to be durable and non-harmful in their composition, their focus on sustainability (with all manufacture carried out in a single factory in Spain), as well as their philanthropy and charity work involving organisations such as the Spanish Red Cross and Save The Children. Their designs are minimal and sharp, and the result is always head-turning. Gloria Cycling is now stocking a range of Gloria / Gobik custom kits, ready for you to come and try on in store! Amongst our products are a pair of bib shorts - essential wear; a long sleeve jersey and gilet, ready in time for the autumn; and finally a cycling cap (because style is above all else). All in various sizes from XS to XL (apart from the cap which is one size fits all).

So come and check out what we’ve got for you, feel the quality for yourself and get yourself kitted out for the season. After all, if it’s good enough for the 2021 Tour De France winner, it’s probably good enough for the rest of us!


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